Cool Stuff for the Cool People who Enjoy Brown's Bank

Brown’s Bank in Plymouth is a large sand bar just off Long Beach. But, in reality, it’s a magical island that’s there and then it’s not, every 12 hours. Some people think this disappearing act has something to do with the tides, but that theory has never been proven.

This little island offers everything a summertime, beach-loving, boat-driving person could want. Beautiful, sandy beach, gentle waves, clear, warm-ish water, fishing, swimming – everything. It also offers all this stuff in the winter, but it’s way too cold to get out there and enjoy it.

The exact location is known only to a few lucky people, and in the interest of keeping our island from becoming too crowded, we’re keeping that location a secret. One tip for finding this island – get in your boat, start driving around in the Atlantic Ocean (or is it the Pacific) and look for a bunch of people having fun.

But before cruising the ocean looking for this paradise, cruise our website for some helpful tips and fun places to visit in Plymouth. Also, check out our Brown’s Bank gear. If you happen to find this oasis you’ll surely want to grab a tee shirt, hat, beach bag or some other cool stuff to help you remember the fun you had there, because the next time you return to Brown’s Bank, it might be gone.